Our team of highly-skilled consultants has worked for Fortune 500 companies, big four consulting firms, state-wide not-for-profits, and large and small federal agencies.  We are focused and flexible collaborators and have a wealth of experience working across all functional and leadership levels helping leaders.  


  • We provide a fresh, independent perspective helping you to see beyond your organization’s blind spots to reach your desired goals.  
  • We provide an external, objective voice and an unbiased eye. 
  • We bring best practices and help to uniquely fit those practices into your organization’s culture.  
  • We are able to transform and evolve quickly to help you seize opportunities and mitigate risks.


Change Management

Our consultants help your organization to adapt, control, and sustain change across multiple business units. We use a systematic approach to support the people and process sides of change.

Process Improvement

Our Lean Six Sigma specialists evaluate your existing processes to ensure your processes are supporting the goals and objectives of your organization and work with your staff to implement modifications.

Strategic Planning

When your organization is challenged with thinking about the future because it is focusing on what needs to be done now, our team can help.  We work with you to develop strategic plans that help your organization not only meet your current demand but be ready for the future.

Advisory Services

We know that even the most seasoned professionals need objective advice and our experienced team work with you to provide one-on-one support in making data-driven decisions, leadership development, strategic thinking, and problem solving.

Project Management

Our certified project managers have experience managing large and small projects across many industries.  Let us help you manage the cost, risk, scope, and quality of your next project.

Performance Measurement

Our team of experts will work with your organization to ensure systems are in place to measure and monitor your organization’s key performance indicators and critical success factors.  We will review your current suite of performance measures and help you to revise them when needed, and ensure your targets and thresholds are within reason.

Knowledge Share

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in which they are able to share to help organizations equip their people with the needed skills to accelerate performance and to innovate.  We provide leadership and professional development programs for the entire organization from the top of the organizational chart to middle management to front-line employees.  All of our programs are customized to your organization’s specific needs.


To learn more about Kojent Consultants and what we are doing to help organizations reach desired business goals, please connect with us.